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Versus All

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Style: Punk, Punkrock

Origin: Helsinki, Finland

Age: 13 years, 7 months

events: Lelle Alternatiiv 2011 - registered

We are Versus All and we play what we like to call "good music". We don’t really care about genres or your whatever scenes. We know you’ll be pissing in your own cereals one day anyway. You want bullshit? Look into your own backyard first.

We don’t carry Halloween costume, make-up or silly clothing. We also didn’t form this band in an exotic place like prison or a foreign country. Not one of us is a jailbird, politician, celebrity (or even a relative), ice hockey player or anything else interesting. One is packing medicine, another one is rebooting computers and the third calls himself a graphical designer. We haven’t even won a band or singing competition.

Someone who cares about brands (not bands) might call us a boring group. Maybe we are. In the other hand we are simply a good band and play the music we love. A lot of other people have also loved it – how about you?

Biggest gigs:

7.5.11 Helsinki,Lepakkomies
20.5.11 Tampere,O'Haras
21.5.11 Kokkola,WestCoast
27.5.11 Lappeenranta,Lucky Monkeys
27.10.10 Helsinki,Semifinal
9.10.10 PAKAC,Preili,Latvija
8.10.10 L(A)B,Kaunas,Lietuva
7.10.10 NABAKLAB,Riga,Latvija
6.10.10 VAIM,Tallinn,Estonia
9.9.10 Helsinki,Henry's Pub
23.7.10 Lappeenranta,Lucky Monkeys
2.6.10 Helsinki,Nosturin Alakerta
12.5.10 Helsinki,Liberte
2.4.10 Helsinki,Dubrovnik
1.2.10 Helsinki,Liberte
26.2.10 Turku,S-Osis
18.2.10 Turku,TVO
6.2.10 Kouvola,Rytmikatti

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