Lelle Alternatiiv 2004


With three days of prearation and a huge phone bill, Lelle Alternatiiv was held on the 7th of August 2004 for the first time.

We borrowed the sound equipment from all over the village: we owe our thanks to Tambet for providing us with 2kW of amplification and to Teet for the mixer and microphones. Everyone with a good ear and some experience helped out with setting the sound. a bass amp was organized from some place just two hours before the gig. The concert was plaid with only the vocals and rythm guitar being run through the PA - the rest of the sound came directly from the stage. 

The party was great, every participant ended up sweaty and stinking happy. A local farmer, for example, came by and offered the punks some slightly fermented goat milk - alcohol is alcohol man, as long as it does the trick!

The performers were Spayks, Kukeprotest, Cravity, Die Moritz, Varuväljapääs, Pohistlik Kapitulatsioon. Tora Bora performed as well but they didnt make it on the poster.

Lelle Alternatiiv 2004 pictures