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All Day Long

All Day Long

Koduleht: www.alldaylong.lv

Stiil: Punk, ska/punk

Päritolu: Riga, Latvia  

Vanus: 24 aastat, 2 kuud

Astub üles: 00. juuli 00:00

ALL DAY LONG is still one of the few successful ska bands in Latvia, effectively combining ska music with fast and energetic punk rock for around already a decade. While experiencing several line-up changes, the band has remained active and now, adding an extra trumpet player, ALL DAY LONG are gearing up for their 2010 summer shows.

Tähtsamad esinemised:

More than 300 shows around Baltic states, Russia, Poland and Finland since 2005(noone bothered to count until then). Numerous festivals, such as "Positivus festival", "Fono fest", "Zvera festival", "Fontaine festival", "Zalumballe festival", "Tuntuma open air" in Finland and many more...
During the years, ALL DAY LONG have shared a stage with such bands as SPITFIRE, REEL BIG FISH, FRANK TURNER, DEEP INSIGHT, NO SHAME, DISCO ENSEMBLE, THE VALKYRIANS, JIMMY CLIFF and many more...

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