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Koduleht: www.myspace.com/cacophonics

Stiil: pop punk/powerpop

Päritolu: Riga, Latvia

Vanus: 21 aastat, 3 kuud

Astub üles: 00. juuli 00:00

Cacophonics is a four piece Latvian punk band formed in November 2002. Bands genre is pop punk/powerpop influenced by hardcore, nu metal and postgrunge wave, mixed together with socially active lyrics.
During the years Cacophonics has become one of the leading bands on Latvian underground rock scene, some of the songs have been included in several international punkrock compilations and have had good success in leading Latvian mainstream radio station charts.
Until now the band has released 3 unofficial demo CDs, EP “Punkology” and 6 singles.
On December 2009 Cacophonics made their first video “Currency of Dreams”, on February 2010 and February 2011 the band did two very successful Russian tours, played a lot of concerts including performance in Lelle festival and is going to release their new EP "Thank You for adding us" on May 2011.

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The band has played over 200 concerts, including performances in central Latvian summer rock festivals and several gigs in Lithuania, Estonia and Russia as well. Cacophonics has shared the stage with many Latvian mainstream bands and international artists such as Brainstorm, Donots, Anathema, Blindside, Million Dead, Deep Insight, Skyforger and others.

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