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Dandelion Wine

Dandelion Wine

Koduleht: www.pienenuvins.lv/

Stiil: Jazz, Funky, Groovy

Päritolu: Latvia, Riga

Vanus: 19 aastat, 7 kuud

Astub üles: 00. juuli 00:00

Latvian band Dandelion Wine (in Latvian "Pienenu Vins") started playing music in 2005. It all began with two songs composed by Evilena - groups vocalist. First concert, given at a private party, was a success, and soon they started playing in every club in Riga.
People seemed to like their jazzy and groovy stile, and, of course, brilliant vocals. The first competition they won, was "MicRec OPEN4" in 2007, where the jury said, that band members are no longer beginners, but professionals. Then there was another competition - "Tu Esi Pamanits" ("You Are Noticed") in 2008, where they not only won the first prize, but Evilena was appreciated as well with an award for "Best Vocals".
Then there were 2 released singles, one ("War") was called a leader of a month in Radio SWH Top "Priekšnams" and stayed in Latvian Radio SWH Top 20 for 7 weeks. The second single "Pour Toi" was also highly rated by two experts of "O!Skatuve" competition - Dace Volfa and Toms Grevins.

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Participated in such festivals as "FonoFest", "Bauslande", "Zem Viena Jumta" and "Bildes 2009".
Now the band continues doing music, composing new songs and giving concerts.

You can follow our videos on YouTube:http://www.youtube.com/user/DWRiga

Evilena Protektore - Vocal
Yuri Koshkin - Guitar
Arvydas Kazlauskas - Saxophone
Arty Vesna - Percussion
Alex Shevtsov - Bass
Krishjanis Bremshs - Drums
Special Guest - DJ Drum

Single "War" released in 2008
Single "Pour Toi"

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