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Koduleht: www.myspace.com/riddarna

Stiil: Rock, Alternative/Experimental/Rock/Punk/Surf/Hardcore/Stoner

Päritolu: Gothenburg, Gothland (Sweden)

Vanus: 14 aastat, 11 kuud

Astub üles: 00. juuli 00:00

The band members musical backgrounds are based on such different styles as rockabilly, grunge and classical music. As these sounds meet and mix, well it can only result in one thing - Riddarna - a dynamic trio, singing in Swedish but speaking to the world. Some call their music "hard core stoner" or "artrock", others call it "falsetto punk”, but it's best to let your own ears decide. This powerful band gives you darkness and joy, despair and frustration, all in a heavy but yet gentle way. With a screaming falsetto they spread their Swedish lyrics and melodies as if it were the last thing you would ever hear.

Riddarna were given attention in Swedish media surprisingly fast by the music magazine Groove and local newspapers amongst others, and people from other countries also showed their interest: Riddarna were feautured on a french music blog shortly after they released their songs and were contacted by a german booking agancy who they now work with.

Tähtsamad esinemised:

2009: One of Swedens biggest festivals, Way Out West festival on the club scene Showdown.

2009: The band did an unusual tour with an fuel powered electrical aggregate, enabling them to play anywhere and anytime. The most memorable shows took place on a beach, in an apartment and in the middle of a small town in Sweden.

2009: Riddarna were told by Swedish Radio that they probably wrote radio history when they performed a song live, allthough they were in different parts of Sweden.

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