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Koduleht: www.sisare.net

Stiil: Metal, Death Metal, Progressive

Päritolu: Vihti, Finland

Vanus: 16 aastat

Astub üles: 00. juuli 00:00

Sisare is a metal band formed in Vihti in Finland, in 2008.

Members Marko, Severi, Hemmu, Ville and Timo are always having their rehearsals in the same place the group was originally formed: An old cowshed in the countryside of Vihti. Besides driving tractors and having a classic Finnish barbecue (or just freezing outside in the winter), they are rehearsing their material in order to have fun and to gain their skills in playing together.

What is Sisare about then?

Sisare is about music, art. Sisare is not about being progressive or aggressive even if it's using these and many other elements to create the art. Creating is one process, but playing makes the art alive.

Let the art speak for itself.

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