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THUrsday 12th

THUrsday 12th

Koduleht: www.myspace.com/thursday12th

Stiil: Metal, Alternative Metal

Päritolu: Latvia Rigga Town

Vanus: 19 aastat, 11 kuud

Astub üles: 00. juuli 00:00

Thursday 12th

Probably the best alternative metal band in Latvia! = ]
Founded in Riga 2004, through our lifetime we have played more than 100 shows, recorded and presented studio album "Fool`s Gold", presented 2 vids, and now we are working on new album and new vids.
Anyway, we adore performing live - this is the essence of hard, heavy, rock, metal music - live performances. Where else U can enter moshpits, circle pits, take part in wall of deat, try stage diving or crowd surfing? Only on rock & metal shows! And this is what we also do - making people to have a good time on our shows!!




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