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Stiil: Punk

Päritolu: Latvia,Riga

Vanus: 14 aastat, 1 kuud

Sündmused: Lelle Alternatiiv 2010 - registreerunud

So, this Project is called ALMOST. Why? …This name actually says it all. We're four, very similarly thinking and funny (at least we like to think so) guys. Since we've got together, everything is going “absolutely great”. Everything we ever do comes together with great troubles and difficculties. To get us all together and find the best people and musicians for our taste, we've gone a long way because our studio where we play, has been visited by many musicians: 3 drummers, 4 bass guitarists and many, many vocals. The same thing is with our band's name. At first we were called “Blind”, than “Blind Mind”, than “T-34” and so on...We've been playing since 30th September, 2006 and there's been many obstacles in our way, but in spite of all our misfortunes finally, in 2009 summer, we have come to our first records. We hope that you will enjoy our music. Oi Punk!


Teenage Heart

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We consider ourselves as a „fresh” band. It’s our first summer together as ALMOST and it’s the first year where we’re trying to apply for music festivals. So far, we’ve been playing in the local rock clubs such as Depo, Rock’n’Riga,Rocabilly and Metro. We’ve also been touring with Audience Killers – a good friend of us. We’re really looking forward to this summer, because we’re dying to play on open-air stages, in front of new faces.

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