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Stiil: Rock, Alternatiiv :)

Päritolu: Latvia

Vanus: 16 aastat

Sündmused: Lelle Alternatiiv 2010 - registreerunud

Backflow could be described as a "garage band", if that means writing catchy tunes with great hooks, and giving raw, powerful performances as musicians. In their music you will surely notice the influence of the '90s Seattle music scene, but mainly you'll hear Backflow's unique and original style that takes a fresh approach to today's new generation of rock music. Backflow has successfully taken grunge out of the '90s and given it their own unique and distinct 21st century twist.

Backflow was born January 1, 2007 in Riga, Latvia, reinventing itself from the members' previous popular and critically-acclaimed band, Mary Jane. From 1996 to 2007, Mary Jane compiled a long list of awards and was frequently called "one of the best live acts in Latvia". In 2005, Mary Jane's only full-length release, "Lost Innocence Vast Ego" was nominated for Best Rock Album of the year at the Latvian Music Awards.

Tähtsamad esinemised:

2007 - Positivus AB - Salacgriva, Latvia
2007 - Coke Live - Krakow, Poland
2008 - Fonofest - Cesis, Latvia
2008 - Fontaine Festival - Liepaja, Latvia
2008 - Sarkasms Festival - Limbazi, Latvia
2009 - Rock Nights - Zarasai, Lithuania

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