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Bye-bye violet tapes

Bye-bye violet tapes


Stiil: Rock, post-punk, darkpop, tropical

Vanus: 13 aastat, 9 kuud

Sündmused: Lelle Alternatiiv 2010 - registreerunud


I think, members' names are not so possible now. Because i began some shifts.
The band name has appeared casually. I composed the text about riot grrrls movement. And then, going to bed, has thought that "riot tapes" word-combination sounds well. But then i has changed the first word for my favourite colour. Well, also has added "farewell" - like, you know, irony)) something in this spirit.
We formed in spring of 2008. We couldn't find a bass player and drummer for a long time. So - two guitarists (me, Radif Kashapov and Vadim Tsiulev) and bunch of songs. We decided to make rehearsals and look forward.And in autumn we find drummer - Luba Krasilnikova, who was not so good and drummers, but tried play out minimalistic beats. We play a couple of gigs in the city. There's a not so much clubs in Saint-Petersburg, but you can always find a plays for show. We still can't find a partners for concerts. We are not too experimental, too poppy. We just want to play in different, really diffe

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