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Ceremonial Perfection

Ceremonial Perfection


Stiil: Melodic Death Metal


Vanus: 12 aastat

Sündmused: Lelle Alternatiiv 2011 - registreerunud

CEREMONIAL PERFECTION is a very promising five-piece melodic death metal band from Tallinn, Estonia. Band was formed in late 2007 and it is currently gaining a lot success in metal world, especially considering the members' average age of under 20. During their lightning-fast three years they have played extensively in Estonia, and also had constantly raised number of tours and single performances abroad, including a successful 2009 twenty-day tour in Russia, and sharing the stage with Finland's massively renowned NORTHER. The melodic foundation of the band's music is suffused in heavy riffs and atmospheric keyboard parts, thus making the concordant essence of their songs embraceable by headbangers as well as those wholly unfamiliar with metal.

"Alone in the end" was released 11.1.11 by Nailboard Records in EU, FONO ltd. in Russian

Tähtsamad esinemised:

28.08-17.09.2009 - Russian Tour
27.11.2009 - Norther + Ceremonial Perfection @ Orlandina Club, St.Petersburg
20.01-06.02.2011 - Baltic Tour (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland)
25.03.2011 - Tallinn Music Week
June 2011 - Finnish tour
01-02.07.2011 - Hard Rock Laager 2011
21-23.07.2011 - Rock Ramp 2011

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