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Dandelion Wine / Pieneņu Vīns

Dandelion Wine / Pieneņu Vīns


Stiil: Muu, jazz, jazz-pop, funk, fusion, disco

Päritolu: Riga, Latvia

Vanus: 19 aastat, 7 kuud

Sündmused: Lelle Alternatiiv 2011 - registreerunud

Founded in February of 2005, Dandelion Wine is a musical band playing jazz, jazz-pop, funk and disco. During all the years many interesting and talented musicians have taken part into its activities, but today two musicians are left since then: singer Evilena and guitarist Yuri, who are also the authors of almost all songs and collaborate with other musicians. Named after Ray Bradbury`s novel „Dandelion Wine”,the group has started its creative practice from the song sketches by Evilena and their arrangements, transforming each song into a one that`s close to any of the listeners.

The musicians of „Dandelion Wine” try to develop their musical abilities studying jazz, participating in many different projects, festivals and contests. In the end of 2010 the group released a new single „You Are” which reached same heights as previous singles „Pour Toi” and „War”, bringing „Dandelion Wine” the 3rd place in „Eirodziesma 2011”, the national selection for the „Eurovision” contest superfinal.

Tähtsamad esinemised:

„MicRec Open4” contest (2007)
„Tu Esi Pamanīts” contest (2008, best vocals)
„Lelle Alternatiiv” (Estonia)
„Bildes” (Latvia)
Eurovision 2011 Latvian National Preselection (2011, 3rd place)
„Conceptions #1”
coproject with „LetoMagenta” (Saint Petersbourg)
coproject with Serge Junior Robinson (Great Britain)
„Jazz Sessions in Artelis”
master-classes in „Rigas Ritmi", "Saulkrasti Jazz"

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