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Daves in Chains (Alice in Chains tribute band)

Daves in Chains (Alice in Chains tribute band)

Stiil: Rock, Grunge

Päritolu: Joensuu, Finland  

Vanus: 13 aastat

Sündmused: Lelle Alternatiiv 2010 - registreerunud

An Alice in Chains Tribute Band from Joensuu, Finland. Respecting the memory of Layne Staley, Daves in Chains keeps the grunge proud and alive.

Anssi Kirkinen - guitars, vocals
Antti Rask - vocals
Antti Schroderus - bass
Jaakko Santaniemi - drums

The band name comes from Dave Grohl, since the band's previous tribute project was Foo Fighters, performing with the name The Daves. So why not, Daves in Chains sounds good. One member (Jaakko) plays and has played in Mullets n' Bullets, so Lelle Alternatiiv is familiar to 1/4 of us with several years of experience :)

Hope to see you at Lelle next summer!

Url to our Facebook group (no website yet):

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Several gigs at the local rock clubs. Every member has a strong history playing on rock festivals and clubs, so no problems handling the Legendary Lelle!

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