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Massive Scar Era

Massive Scar Era


Stiil: Punk, Hardcore Metal

Päritolu: Egypt

Vanus: 18 aastat, 2 kuud

Sündmused: Lelle Alternatiiv 2010 - registreerunud

Mascara plays hardcore music with both aggressive and clean vocals, violin, flute, and keyboard. It's melodic metal music. The band's name is an expression of how violent the world is becoming, as according to the band, they find that the world as it is now is "a massive scar era." The abbreviation "Mascara" was then put to add a feminine touch to band's title (Ma ="massive", sca="scar," ra="era"). The current members knew each other before forming the band and were initially united by their passion for music and performing.

The band is active ever since 2005 , its first concert was under different name ( Nail polish ) and a different line up and during the gig, the band announced the changement of its name into Massive Scar Era.

In 2009 , the band introduced a male drummer in its line up but that didn't affect its concept to introduce the female touch in the rock and metal scene

The band's first international appearance was in Europe at Sweden Rock Festival 2009

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Sweden Rock Festival 2009

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