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Stiil: Alternative

Päritolu: Riga - Jurmala, Latvia

Vanus: 10 aastat, 7 kuud

Sündmused: Lelle Alternatiiv 2010 - registreerunud

MOZART'S REVENGE is Alternative Rock/Progressive band formed in Riga, Latvia in 2009.

The band's members are experienced musicians who have been playing for a long time in other musical projects. The band’s name is related to the modern music industry where music becomes a commercial product rather than art. MR makes everything possible to prove that music is more than just cheap everyday stuff. The group combines rhythmical heavy guitar riffs, strong vocals and melodic pieces. The lyrics express personal life experience, love, existence out of system, social problems and their potential solutions.

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MOZART'S REVENGE has played few gigs yet in Riga clubs such as ROCK ‘N’ RIGA and DIRTY DEAL.

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