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Stiil: Rock, Mystic Rock, metal, alternative, grunge, blues

Päritolu: Turku, FINLAND  

Vanus: 12 aastat, 12 kuud

Sündmused: Lelle Alternatiiv 2011 - registreerunud

88/100 | Infernal Masquerade Webzine |
“Mystons seems to be ready to take over the world and fans of Metal, Indie Rock, Alternative Metal, Grunge and everything in between.”

“8,5/10, but close to a 9 really” | Doommantia |
... “good songs, strong lyrics and a very good production sound. What more could you need on your second album?"

In late 2007 in Turku, Finland, long-time friends and musicians M Myston (guitar, vocals) and Jay Myston (drums) found themselves in extended spontaneous jam sessions, and soon turned this burst of creative energy into a band that came to be known as Mystons. Harnessing into rock music a sense of danger it seemed to be lacking, Mystons have created a wholly unique sound, one that can be described as Mystic Rock, with influences ranging from blues and alternative rock to grunge and metal. The dark and powerful Mystons sound finds its ideal expression in the band’s enthralling live performances that have occasionally led to talk of fire-spitting de

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Around 40 shows in finland. Biggest one in Höyryturbiini Festival 2010 in Finland with such bands as BADDIES (UK), FRANCIS (SWE), SWEATMASTER (FIN), DISGRACE (FIN), PENNILESS (FIN) etc.. First Baltic/Europe Tour coming spring 2011.

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