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Stiil: Metal, Alternative Experimental Metal

Päritolu: Riga, Latvia  

Vanus: 12 aastat, 5 kuud

Sündmused: - registreerunud, Lelle Alternatiiv 2011 - registreerunud

There were so many battles for us, that we can't remember our common past anymore. And it's less important for us, than making bright and hopeful future. Like a solid wall we're standing in this battlefield of humankind morality, trying to change the outcome of this cold war. Our most effective weapon is a sound quality mixed with a thoughtful draft. We're flushing away traits with a impulsive and divine guitar riffs, we're drowning all kinds of addictions in a deep and kicking bass, we're blowing up carelessness to peaces with our fascinating rhythms. And we still believe, that sattelites will sow our ideas, what will give birth to new spirit of true warriors for our life. In the end, we all will be standing shoulder to shoulder in this battlefield for better life.

Tähtsamad esinemised:

Emergenza Festival
Metalshow 2010
"Oblivion" 2011 Music Video Official Presentation
Tepat Ir Labi 2011

Bands we have played with:
Caliban (DE), Napalm Death (UK), Rotting Christ (GRE), Weedeater (USA), Saviours (USA), My Autumn (RU), Crionics (PL), Trendkill Method (LV), Sanctimony (LV), Preternatural (LV), Korea (RU), Thursday 12th (LV), Poetical Symbion (EST), Idillia (EST), Enhet (LV), Dawn Arise (SWE) and other...

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