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Stiil: Jazz, Ambient, Jazz-Rock

Päritolu: Tartu, Eesti

Sündmused: Lelle Alternatiiv 2011 - registreerunud

The band was founded about two years ago in Tartu, Estonia by two guitar players from the local pure metal bands. So the main idea of the band was to play something soft, relaxing and jazzy, but with a same extreme expression as in rock music, to give the audience an extraordinary atmosphere and make it hit the dance floor. There is a big variety of a different musical instruments that are used in the band: guitars, drums, percussions, tubes, different synthesizers and even turksh baglama - everything to make the music more colourful and multiformed. The music genres are: nu-jazz, ambient, jazz-rock, reggae...
The name of the band is coming from the mathematical constant "Pi" which is showing our readiness for the musical experiements and our love for science.
The "Pi-Jamazz" probably have a meaning of "pyjamas", the "sleeping clothes" or "dream clothes". It is somthing that is warm, comfortable and something that takes us to another dimension.

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