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Stiil: Drive

Päritolu: Latvia

Vanus: 17 aastat, 1 kuud

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Predict was formed on April 29th 2004. In the beginning the band played melodic pop-rock with romantic vibe and lyrics. During the years band members where constantly changing, however those changing affected the band in a good way. As the band was acquiring what was necessary to form its current genre, so called „drive-pop”.
Their music is suitable for any occasion, but the most impressive are Predicts life performances. Each and every show is a real mixture of energy and emotions that can always guarantee great impressions and a nice aftertaste.

Predict was the first Russian speaking band that participated in «Tu esi pamanīts» festival and was awarded in „The best arrangement of a folk song". Predicts guitarist and drummer were awarded „the best drummer” and „the best guitar player” prizes at «Zapte 2010» festival in Ropazhi.
Music video, where the bands drummer Viktor Veselov is playing solo in the rain was presented at «The Exhibition Room» at Coldplay’s home page.

Tähtsamad esinemised:

14.10.2010 - Bildes 2010 - Kongresu Nams, Riga
07.08.2010 - Zapte 2010 - Ropazu estrade, Ropazi
06.08.2010 - Return to Surface - Fontaine Palace, Liepaja
27.05.2010 - Postland Open Air, Jelgava
24.04.2010 - Stage number One - Multiklubs, Valmiera
18.04.2009 - Imagine forum - 16.korpuss, Riga
27.04.2007 - Flashlight - Fontein Palace, Liepaja
30.12.2006 - Perevorot -Faraon, Riga
15.09.2007 - Terroru net! - Pramogu Bankas, Vilnius, Lietuva
12.08.2006 - Tu esi pamanits - Nemo, Jurmala

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