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San Deville

San Deville


Stiil: Metal

Päritolu: Latvia, Sigulda

Vanus: 20 aastat, 9 kuud

Sündmused: Lelle Alternatiiv 2010 - registreerunud

In January 2005 they made their first demo records. Since then the band got renamed to “Shaman Gild”. The musical genre from the beginning and throughout this period was towards rap metal/crossover. They were playing concerts quite regularly in many clubs and rock/metal festivals around Latvia.
The year 2006 can be considered a decadence of musical development for the band; the members wanted to change both music style and the level of their performance.
In autumn of 2007 Roland joined the band as their new vocalist. Since then the music became more intensive, powerful and stylistically varied.
In January 2008 the band recorded a new self-made demo. Since the lineup of the band had changed, the name was changed to “San Deville”. In August 2008 their new bass player Ryan joined the band. In late 2008 they restarted their performances. A year later Ryan left the band and this place was taken by Christoph. In early 2010 4 new records 've been finished. The band continued playing shows...

Tähtsamad esinemised:

"Inner fade agency 3 year anniversary" @ "MP", Riga, Latvia
"Freeze fest '06" @ Blome, Latvia
"Flashlight competition" @ "Fontaine", Liepaja, Latvia
"Sinepes and medus '05" @ Madona, Latvia
"Buku Open Air '09" @ Bukas, Latvia
and many, many more...

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