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Soul Seduction

Soul Seduction


Stiil: Soul/Rock

Päritolu: Sweden

Vanus: 15 aastat

Sündmused: Lelle Alternatiiv 2010 - registreerunud

Soul Seduction is a rockband based in Stockholm, Sweden, and have done a totally exploding journey since their very start in januari 2006.
The vision will always be about the satisfaction of playing pure Rock ’n Roll the way it should be played! And on top of that - a slice of sexy soul!
A journalist in Gothenburg once said:
"The bandset is like in any other usual rockband arranged; leadsinger, two guitarplayers, bass and drums, but right there stops the similarity. Unlike many other bands in the same genre, the music vary in a way that you almost never hear these days. There are basstrands, guitarloops, pauses, temporeduces/increases and guitars playing against each other in a very imaginative way. They making thier music exceptionally eventful. At last, but absolutely not least; they have an incredible singer named Evami Ringqvist. It is heavy, beautiful and a lot of action at the same time." SoulSeduction believe themselves to have something unique, and always delivers unforgettable kick-ass shows!

Tähtsamad esinemised:

In this moment Soul Seduction has done about 100 shows around Sweden, some of them at:
Peace & Love festival (SWE, Borlänge)
Ung-08 festival (SWE, Stockholm)
Hoodsfred festival (SWE, Stockholm)
Kramfors Stadsfest (SWE, Kramfors)
Rock for Moc festival (SWE, Finnåker)
Lelle Alternatiiv (EST)
Urband-Playground BMG competition (SWE) etc. etc.

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