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Withered Within

Withered Within


Stiil: Metal, Melodic Death Metal

Päritolu: Kouvola, Finland  

Vanus: 18 aastat, 10 kuud

Sündmused: Lelle Alternatiiv 2011 - registreerunud

Withered Within is a metal band from Kouvola, city in Southern Finland, formed in 2004 by lead guitarist Joni Sven. Today, after many years, lineup changes, dozens of gigs (in Finland and abroad), good times & bad times, blood, sweat and beer, we stand as one, working hard on new material, booking gigs and delivering you the music of our lives. ALL HAIL THE OUTCAST!



Tähtsamad esinemised:

23.02.-11 Kouvola, House of Rock Bar
03.04.-10 ITALY Fabbrico, Twilight w/ Fomento, Dominance
27.02.-10 Karhula, Dark Winter Festival w/Amoral, Sinamore etc...
20.05.-09 Oulu, Hevimesta

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