Lelle Alternatiiv 2011 is cancelled

It is with great sadness that we announce the cancellation of Lelle Alternatiiv 2011 which was supposed to take place on 8th – 10th of July. While just recently we were certain the festival will happen, now we must confess to the opposite.
For years the event has been organized with the help of various foundations and supporters. This year this resources was not enough to host the Alternatiiv in it’s known quality. The organizers of the festival were forced to decide to either lower the standards significantly or cancel the whole thing. We chose to cancel.
Still, it does not mean that Lelle Alternatiiv is gone for good. So keep an eye out for 2012.    
The bands that registered on our website will remain there to be listened along with the artists from 2010. So through our home page you will still be able to get some of that Alternative feel.
The team thanks all the registered artists, volunteers and partners.
Farewell for now!

During the span of the Lelle Alternatiiv festivals over two hundred bands from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Sweden have performed there. Also over 200 volunteers have lent a hand in making the events happen.
Lelle Alternatiiv began in 2004 when a group of young lads called KukeProtest were looking for a gig. In the absence of one, they made their own festival.

The Lelle Alternatiiv Team.

Lelle Alternatiiv comes again

“The report of my death was an exaggeration” announces Lelle Alternatiiv which will take place in mid-summer, 8th-10th of July 2011, in Lelle, Estonia.

Dozens of acts from here and abroad will rock the stages of the Imsi Hill- and Lake side for the eight time.

Artist registration for the flagship festival of the Estonian alternative music scene begun on Monday the 7th of March. Be you a lighthearted songbird or a tough-minded hard rocker – our gates are open. Come and register yourself on our website www.lellealternatiiv.ee. Furthermore we are inviting people from other genres also – poets of the spoken word, artists of the visual realm – you are welcome!

The registration of acts will be open until the 8th of May during which the users of our website can rate these artists. The most fascinating and popular ones will eventually receive an invite to perform at the festival.

All the past seven Lelle Alternatiivs have been made possible thanks to the significant contribution of our volunteers. Since it is a non-profit event we will need your help once more to make this new year be another success. To give us a hand we first ask you to register at our website where you can also read more about the specifics of being a volunteer.

During the past years a over two hundred bands from Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Sweden have performed at the festival.

Lelle Alternatiiv begun in 2004 when a group of young punks from Lelle called KukeProtest were looking for a gig. In the absence of one they decided on making their own festival. Over the years it has grown beyond all expectation and found an immovable place in the summer plans of music lovers.

Performers for Lelle Alternatiiv '10 confirmed!

The performing artists for music festival Lelle Alternatiiv '10, held from the 9th to 11th July, are now made clear. 100 artists will take part in the alternative music happening in Rapla County, Estonia.

One of this summers largest and most unique open-air festivals in Estonia - Lelle Alternatiiv - will take place on a much grander scale than ever before. From the 9th until the 11th of July 100 artists will gladden the audience in Lelle. “Both the artists and audience alike are fans and representatives of the most different musical styles. People from all over Estonia and abroad have made a habit of gathering to Lelle for this one of a kind event” says Vallo Hansen, the main organizer. “Lelle Alternatiiv is known for it’s “out of the box” approach and for realizing the most unbelievable goals successfully. For example two years ago we had 64 bands playing non-stop for 32 consecutive hours. This year’s conception has an even greater reach” Hansen promises.

250 artists expressed a wish to play at the festival. From these 100 were selected by the audience and organizers. Among many others also 7 Latvian (Cacophonics, THUrsday 12th, All Day Long, Dandelion Wine, Sun Quay, Das Sonntags Legion and Age of Stones), 7 Finnish (Folke Westside, Fumble, Clarkkent, Damian Cullen Band, Blueintheface, Radiowives and Sisare) and 4 Swedish (Riddarna, Tor-Peders Kapell, Mad Lee Riot and Fatal if Swallowed) are present.

Performes will present their arts on four full scale concert stages. In addition a so called „Morning Club“ is in work joining the aspects of a night club and an acoustic show. The full time table and information about the event and performers can be viewed at the festivals web site www.lellealternatiiv.ee

Lelle Alternatiiv 2010 begins!

Held annually for the seventh time in Lelle, Estonia, music festival Lelle Alternatiiv has become a cult event among it’s regular visitors. The most important part in this play no doubt the guests and volunteers themselves whom, with their synergy, have created a magical, liberal atmosphere year after year. Although one must also give credit to the beautiful nature all about the Imsi hill- and lake side and of course the bands. Over a hundred groups from several different countries have plaid at the summer Alternatiivs during just the last two years. This year about 75 performers on four different stages will be gladdening the audience. In addition to rock bands also folk, electronic and all sorts of other styles, even artists who's shows aren’t necessarily related with music, are expected. Thus an extravagant assortment of entertainment will whirl on non-stop from Friday evening to Sunday morning.

In order to have the best acts at Lelle Alternatiiv groups can register themselves on our home page – www.lellealternatiiv.ee – until mid May. Artists that have signed up can be rated and commented upon by visitors to the page. In the beginning of June the best rated and more interesting acts will be presented with an invitation to perform.

For the event to take place it is extremely important to have volunteers. Since Lelle Alternatiiv is a non-profit event your helping hands are needed to make it happen. From our home page you can find out what it means to be a volunteer at our event. It’s also already possible to pick out some favourable tasks if you register yourself there.

So musicians and other groovy performers – sign up! If being on the stage is not appealing then come and help us out. Or just come and enjoy! The price for one ticket is only 175 EEK (about 11€) in presale and 200 EEK (about 13€) on site. So whatever alternative way you choose to participate in – the best experience of the summer is guaranteed for you between the 9th and 11th of July in Lelle.


Line-up for February Alternative confirmed!

Line-up for February Alternative confirmed!

The third Veebruari Alternatiiv (February Alternative) will take place on the 20th of February in the (new) Lelle culture house. Attending crowds will be confronted by the following groups bent on world domination:

18:00 - 18:30 Dirtkillers
18:45 - 19:15 Unholy Fables
19:30 - 20:00 Channel for Sound
20:15 - 20:45 Leinapeni
21:00 - 21:30 Tora Bora
21:45 - 22:15 KukeProtest
22:30 - 23:00 Override (FI)
23:15 - 23:45 Punkentsefaliit
00:00 - 00:45 PööLoY GLääNZ
01:00 - 01:15 One Arm Short (SWE)
01:30 - 02:00 Far From Sane (SWE)
02:15 - 03:00 Fatal If Swallowed (SWE)

Tickets will cost 35 EEK (2 €)

More information can be found here: veebruari.lellealternatiiv.ee

Lelle Alternatiiv

February Alternative is postponed!


To everyone who had already made plans for Veebruari Alternatiiv this year, we have an important announcement. We've been forced to postpone the event by exactly one week. The new date is thus the 20th of February.
We express our deepest apologies to all whose plans have been mixed up by this. Yet at the same time we hope that you still have the energy to make flowers bloom in Lelle once again, even in February!

Videos from Lelle Alternatiiv music festival on YouTube

To all who like to make their plans early, we announce that the dates for Lelle Alternatiiv 2010 music festival in Lelle, Estonia have been set for 9-11th July.
The festival’s little brother February Alternative (Veebruari Alternatiiv) will be held on February 13th, 2010.
To make the wait seem shorter we want to bring a piece of the Alternative to you. For this we are uploading live footage from previous festivals. Follow the Lelle Alternatiiv YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/lellealternatiiv
The first outfits we’re presenting are two young Estonian bands with punk roots, who have released their début albums this year. Both Chungin & The Strap-on Faggots and Giuseppe Perverdi Big Band are well known in the local scene for their explosive live performances. Check out how they did in Lelle!
All footage is filmed by MTÜ Audiovisuaalne Meedia


Some information

The festival`s info (http://www.lellealternatiiv.ee/Lelle_Alternatiiv_2009_bulletin.pdf ) you can print out and put into your pocket! Also you can find maps, timetable of the performers and essential info there.
If you can`t get to Lelle, you can see all festival on your computer, just open http://www.kullaauk.ee/pls/apex/f?p=279:510:::::G_OBJECT_ID:3721 or http://www.lellealternatiiv.ee/?page_id=174&lang=en and enjoy good music. Translation will be on July 10th 6pm - July 11th 2am; July 11th 3pm - July 12th 5am; July 12th 3pm - July 12th till midnight.
Who and when will perform you can find in
http://www.lellealternatiiv.ee/?page_id=121&a=ajakava&lang=en .

Press Release 03 July 09

3 days, 3 stages, 53 bands full of musical surprises.

Musical festival Lelle Alternatiiv`09 will take place in Rapla county, Lelle, from 10th to 12th July.
Like every year there`s going to be many and many performers from homeland and neighbour countries. And it`s the 6th event already! During three days, on three stages 53 bands from Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Sweden will perform.

To hold out bravely all this musical marathon, warm up will start on Friday already.On the 10th of July at 6pm-2am about 11 bands from homeland and neighbour countries get the chance to show their might.

When warm up is done, it`s time to take part in long rock`n`roll marathon, held outside despite of the weather. On the 11th of July at 3pm we will gather in front of two stages on Imsi hill to rock 16 hours in the accompaniment of 30 bands; finish will be at 6am on Sunday morning.

To minimize the danger of marathon damages and to avoid muscle pain after big efforts, 12 woman vocals will massage and relax your musical muscles. Yes, there`s only woman singers on the stage!It will start on the 12th of July at 3pm.

NB! All the festival music is unique and magnificent mix of carefully chosen musical creation of 53 bands. Imsi hills` especial and beautiful relief and summerly bog lake add an extra value.

There were 60 bands from Estonia and other countries in 2008 festival. There was 32 hours non-stop music on two stages and 2000 music lovers took part in.

Lelle Alternatiiv 2009 - 3 days, 3 stages, 53 bands!

This summer’s Lelle Alternatiiv will take place between the 10th and the 12th of July in Lelle, Rapla county, Estonia. On Friday the 10th, the festival will start at 6 pm when our in-doors stage will be conquered by eleven hungry bands. By Saturday the 11th, the party will move out into the sun and 30 bands will offer a non-stop storm of music. On Sunday the 12th we will go back inside and till midnight we can enjoy the melodies of a dozen acts with only female singers.

All in all 53 artists from four countries will perform at Lelle Alternatiiv.

Even the prices will be held alternatively low:
Friday ~1.6 EUR
Saturday ~6.4 EUR
Sunday ~1.6 EUR

Total sum ~9.6 EUR

From 140 registered bands we are bringing you the following delicious selection:

Friday 10 July
Stupid Luck
Bird People SE
The Happs' LV
The Briefing LV
Band Versus Music LV
Giuseppe Preverdi Big Band

Saturday 10 July
Chuu LV
Close to Infinity
Brigadir Braun
The Filler
Rebuke SE
Deep Silence LV
Mike SE
We Got Company SE
The Flowers of Romance
SthlmSyndrome SE
Smashed Nail Sister
Define FI
Mullets n' Bullets FI
Oranzas Brivdienas LV
Ambrosia LV

Sunday 10 July
Our Story
Gella LV
Deserving Case LV
Conflict OK!
Blueintheface FI
Püha Kõblas

See you in Lelle!