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Stiil: Electro-Punk

Päritolu: Tallinn

Vanus: 9 aastat, 1 kuud

Sündmused: - registreerunud, VA13 - registreerunud, VA15 - registreerunud

There are things that make sense and there are things that keep you up all night with feverish hallucinations. Electrobation is a mix of both – a promiscuous blend of styles as familiar as punk, hip-hop, pop, and electro into a sound so brand-spanking-new you won’t know exactly where to find it in the record store. The five-piece from Tallinn boasts of four years of musical mayhem and is currently riding a fresh high after just releasing their latest EP “Johnathan the Drama Boy.” Known for their exceedingly energetic live shows, it’s impossible to not want to dance, mosh, or make out with the person standing next to you while Electrobation pours their eclectic musical mix all over your pretty faces.

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