Lelle Alternatiiv 2006


On the 8th of July the event took place for the third time. The festival had moved out from the village and the Culture House into the scenic Imsi hill- and lake side. A lorry container was used as a stage. Right beside it a tall spruce tree was growing which offered the musicians a cool shade to rest in and wait for their time. The audience could sit along the hill side surrounding the stage in an  unorganized semicircle or mosh to the beat of the bands in front of the stage. When the evening sun got too hot people could by quench their thirst with some beverages that could be purchased from a moving home by the forest side. Or dip their bodies into the Imsi lake right beside the Festival area.

the following stars took the stage: Pohuistlik Kapitulatsioon, Canis Lupus, Gravitatioon, Cord, Tora Bora, Belka, Börte, KukeProtest, Tige Vile, Zeromantic, Varuväljapääs, Alias, Die Moriz, Rock Crime , John Stuart Mill, Kitsas T, Gravity.

The construction of a basketball court was supported with the small income the event made.



Aino Virkus, Andres Valino, FC Lelle poisid, Indrek Karilaid and MTÜ Hiiekõnnu, Jüri Aarma and Maaleht, Kaire Koslov and Nädaline, Margus Pilt and Raadio Mania, Mariina Madisson and MTÜ Lelle Kultuuri- ja Haridusselts, Markus Tõnisson and Wirepulleri Disainipunker, Rita Peussa and Kehtna Vald, Sulev Ots, Tanel Tatter and Postimees, Tarmo Roos, Vaiko Eplik and Raadio2, Balti Kontsert, ETV, Kultuurkapital, Kultuurkapitali Raplamaa Fond, Saku Rock, Trükikoda Stampline.

Everyone who pitched in with know-how, actions or participating as a part of the audience.



Printed media (in Estonian)

Postimees 01.07.2006

Nädaline 08.06.2006

SL Õhtuleht 01.07.2006


The Belka, Börte, Canis Lupus, Cord, Die Moritz, Gravitatsioon, Gravity, Kitsas T, KukeProtest, Pohuistlik Kapitulatsioon, Rock Crime, Tige Vile, Tora Bora, Varuväljapääs, Zeromantic.


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