Veebruari Alternatiiv 2008

Veebruari Alternatiiv 09.02.2008 (roughly translated from Estonian)


While Mae and Veerpalu were still standing in the start corridor at Otepää, the workday of the Lelle Alternatiiv (LA) team was well under way. And with good reason - in the evening the first Veebruari Alternatiiv (February Alternative) was to take place. A party with 9 bands and 200 visitors is not that concidering the non-profitable and charitable nature of the event.

Preparations begun early. For example the LA team lent a hand in fixing the toilet of the venue. The writer himself can assure you that when in some parties one has to hold it to the last second, in this concert you could feel free unloading a half empty tank as well. In addition the surroundings of the Culture House were cleaned before and after the event. by the way it's probably not usual that a performing band - Canis Lupus - pitched in. As if naturally Marek Nuut helped along again as he had done many times before.

It is really good that the manager of the Culture House gave a green light to the event, giving the organizers asecurity and a mental support. Without these how would you explain an concert with no advertisment in the massmedia drawing in people from all over Estonia - both from the capital city and even the islands. The central source for information was a website designed by Margo Koppelman - evidently quite a good source.

The organizers would like to thank the Police for their plesant co-operation. Though positively it must be marked that Raivo Tammus - the security guard - had a rather uneventful evening. On the other hand he was extremely satisfied as a music fan for being able to see new bands. From the beginning one of the basic ideas of LA has been to offer a chance to perform for young and yet unknown artists. With the help of OÜ Pillipood's sound eqipment quite a few bands found the notes and beats needed to make the crowd literally jump from joy. Dry shirts were a diminishing minority. Since all the guests could spend the night at the concert venue there was no threat of catching a cold on the long way home.

The last band packed up their gear around two o'clock. After this an interesting and humorous short film of outtakes from the 2007 Lelle Alternatiiv was shown. Oh the joy when people recognized themselves on the screen.

If you didn't make it there yourself you can still get a glimps of the event through Liis Reimann's eyes at:

When Mae and Veerpalu had already left the award ceremony, February Alternative was still picking up the pace. And the visitors were glad the concert took place on a Saturday leaving Sunday free for rest and reminisce the previous evening.


With a visitors glance,

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Canis Lupus


Pervertum Debile




Sick Of Sorrow

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