On site

  • Nightclub, tenting and parking are included in the ticket price.
  • Glass bottles are forbidden.
  • Lelle Alternatiiv t-shirts on sale at the festifal site.
  • DVD's of Lelle Alternatiiv 2010 performances along with merchandise put on sale by the artists can be purchased at the festival site.
  • There is no ATM in Lelle.
  • Please read our house rules for the festival.
  • Festifali pass is 200 EEK / 13 EUR. There is no one day ticket.




House rules

House rules of Lelle Alternatiiv

In order to guarantee a pleasant stay and atmosphere, all the festival guests have to follow the laws and legistlations of the Republic of Estonia and Kehtna Parish as well as the house rules set by the organizers and instructions given by the organizing and security team on the spot.


* Wristband assures entrance and stay in the festival area.

* Guests with their luggage must go through the security check if necessary. Should the guest refuse to go through the check, the organizers may deny the guest entrance to the festival.

* If the guest acts aggressively or disturbingly, doesn’t obey the organizers’s instructions or cannot be at the festival due to some other conditions, he or she may be denied entrance and be removed from the festival area.

* Bringing own drinks to the festival area is prohibited. Organizers have a right to confiscate guests own container on the festival area.

* Festival gusts must prove their age with valid ID card when buying/consuming alcohol if necessary.

* For people under 18 years of age it is prohibited to consume alcohol and other illegal substances. Organizers have a right to remove drunk underage people from the festival area and submitted to the police. For people under 16 years of age it is prohibited to stay on the festival area from 24:00-5:00 without adult escort.

* The guests are not allowed to bring any dangerous objects or substances to the festival. These include:


  • All sorts of knives of any blade-length.
  • All sorts of things that can be used as a weapon (including glass containers).
  • Fireworks and explosives.
  • All sorts of weapons.

* Pets on festival area are prohibited (exceptions allowed on previous agreements with organizers).

* It is not allowed to use bicycle on festival area. It is possible to bring the bicycle to the motrorcycles parking lot at the beginning of the festival area.

* Lighting and making a fire at the festival or camping area is prohibited. Using a throwaway grill is also considered as lighting.

* Guests can stay and move only in designated areas and places.

* It is not allowed to remove or modify any of the objects (like posters, rulesheets, directions, lighting etc.) owned by the organizers at the festival area and it’s proximity.

* All thefts, break-ins, money shams, violence and other unlawful activities will be reported to the police.

* Throwing objects at performers is prohibited. Visitors not complying with this rule will be removed immediately and submitted to the police if necessary. The police will fill necessary papers to demand reparations from the offender.

* Visitors removed from the festival area due to violation of house rules will not be refunded their ticket.

* It is not allowed to throw trash to the ground at festival area and it’s proximity. Trash should be thrown into designated bins only and cigarettes put out into designated places.

* Staying and camping on private properties and other non-designated areas around the festival area is prohibited.

* The organizers, festival security and the police would like to guarantee a peaceful flow of the event and to provide guests with pleasant and secure atmosphere


Tenting area information

* Tenting area will be opened on friday, July 09th, at 14:00.

* Tenting area will be closed onsunday, July 11th, at 14:00.

* Tenting for festival guests is for free.

* Festival guests must take care of their own things in the tenting area by themselves.

* Festival wristband assures tenting in tenting area.

* making a fire at the camping area is prohibited, including also throwaway and regular grills.

* We kindly ask you not to contaminate tenting area and throw all the trash into designated bins.

* There is water for washing hands and face on spot.



* Parking of vehicles is only in designated parking areas.

* It is prohibited to stay in a parking lot without a reason.

* Please follow the instructions of parking assistants when parking.

* Parking assistants look after bounded parking lot for motorbikes.